HH Sheikha Jawaher message

“Our children are our future. The way we treat and value our people in their formative years will be reflected in the development of our world in the years to come.

If we are striving for a compassionate and equitable civilised world, we need to ensure that our children are given every opportunity to succeed. I believe that for every child, success starts with a proper education and we should not let ourselves believe that any exceptions should be made, regardless of the environment or circumstances involved.

As war rages across parts of the Middle East region – and indeed globally – children are very often the silent victims. While they are often provided with food, water and shelter, their long-term needs are often overshadowed by the far more pressing task of simply staying alive. Set against this backdrop, how are families, barely able to survive supposed to look ahead to the possibilities of their children’s futures? It is in that vacuum that The Big Heart Foundation operates.

Our dream is for a brighter tomorrow and that begins with our children. Through The Big Heart Foundation, we hope to usher in a new age of compassion and dialogue. We believe this is possible through the provision of security, shelter, healthcare and a comprehensive and robust education – made available for each and every child.”