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The Big Heart Foundation visions a world where the vulnerable are protected and empowered to live with dignity by safeguarding the rights and improve the lives of vulnerable children and families worldwide, particularly in the Arab region, through advocacy, humanitarian and development efforts.


Bank Transfer

Account number Short name Full Name IBAN
Copy 0011-430430-002 TBHF – Palestine Palestinian Children Fund AE050410000011430430002
Copy 0011-430430- 012 TBHF – Refugees Refugee Children Fund AE260410000011430430012
Copy 0011-430430-019 TBHF – TGCF The Big Heart Foundation – The Girl Child Fund AE310410000011430430019
Copy 0011-430430-020 TBHF – Zakat Fund The Big Heart Foundation – Zakat Fund AE040410000011430430020
Copy 0011-430430-021 TBHF FUND The Big Heart Foundation Fund AE740410000011430430021
Copy 0011-430430-034 TBHF- Local Projects The Big Heart Foundation – Local Projects Fund AE140410000011430430034
Copy 0011-430430-024 Emergency Charity Fund - TBHF Emergency Charity Fund - The Big Heart Foundation AE900410000011430430024
Copy 0011-430430-040 TBHF – Lebanon Fund TBHF - LEBANON FUND AE460410000011430430040

Bank Name Sharjah Islamic Bank
BRANCH Main Branch - Sharjah Copy

WhatsApp: 0557574930