Establishment of The Big Heart Clinic

Project: Establishment of The Big Heart Clinic
Implementing Partner:  Save The Children
Geographic location: Democratic Republic of the Congo “DRC”
Budget: AED 3,615,576 – USD 984,374
Beneficiaries: 4,000 children per year, 2,600 pregnant women per year, and 60 health centers
Timeframe: September 2019 – August 2021

The Big Heart Foundation, in collaboration with Save the Children, built and equipped a new health center in Kasai Oriental, DRC, under the name of “The Big Heart Clinic”. The clinic aimed to treat children under 5 years and pregnant women, and it also aimed to improve the quality of care and management of 60 healthcare centers (including the newly constructed facility) across four health zones in the province through training and capacity building. This initiative left a legacy of strong and sustainable infrastructure and practices benefiting the children and their families in the future.