Improve the general health status of the Syrian refugees (including the Big Heart Clinic)

This project included the construction of the Big Heart Clinic in Zaatari, which was completed on 28 February 2014. The clinic, which treats around 500 to 600 patients on a daily basis, serves as the main primary healthcare facility in the area – operating 24/7.

Services provided at the clinic include:

  • Primary healthcare
  • Mental health
  • Reproductive health
  • Rehabilitation
  • Nutrition (for severe acute malnutrition: SAM)
  • Management of non-communicable chronic disease
  • Referral services for secondary and tertiary cases

The centre is equipped with a central laboratory, emergency department, post-natal ward, pharmacy and a medical warehouse, as well as designated facilities for mental health and the rehabilitation of disabled patients.
The old clinic, which is also supported by the Big Heart Foundation and is located on the main market street, in Zaatari, will continue to operate for eight hours per day. It will provide primary healthcare services and act as a screening and vaccination centre; it will also have a pharmacy and medical warehouse facility. Both clinics are connected via a microwave Internet system in order to organise work and avoid duplication of services to individuals of concern.

Partner: UNHCR
Beneficiaries: 150,000
Budget: AED18.4 Million – $5,009,597.62
Year: 2013
Field: Jordan