Provide basic shelter and healthcare services for refugees

This project had two key aims: firstly, to support a basic minimum coverage of primary healthcare – starting with children under five, pregnant women and elderly refugees over 60; the second aim was to support secondary healthcare for immediate life-saving interventions and deliveries for the most vulnerable target groups.
Following the implementation of the project, the below success indicators were recorded:
1. All health centres now provide basic services and medical supplies to pregnant women, infants and the elderly. In addition, all vaccinations are provided for free by the Department of Health.
2. Healthcare centres in locations with the highest concentration of refugees were given access to equipment and renovations.
3. A total of 15 different health centres were targeted, with 28 interventions completed. Interventions consisted of:

  • The provision of generators to ensure continuity of work during frequent power outages
  • The provision of specialised equipment to ensure adequate medical care
  • Renovation and/or rehabilitation works to ensure proper access and conditions for sanitation and hygiene

Partner: UNHCR
Beneficiaries: 197,000
Budget: AED7.3 Million – $1,987,503.4
Year: 2013
Field: Iraq