Renovation of National Cancer Institute main building in Cairo

Project: Renovation of National Cancer Institute main building in Cairo
Implementing Partner:  National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Geographic location: Cairo, Egypt
Budget: AED 33,217,030.09 – USD 9,044,800.569
Beneficiaries: 200,000 patients per year
Timeframe:  April 2018 – June 2021

The Big Heart Foundation funded the renovation and rehabilitation work of the 13-storey building of NCI to provide better care for cancer patients. The project aimed to increase capacity by developing day care for chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplantation unit, and an emergency unit. All these facilities provided high-level healthcare services for children and adults free of charge. The budget included new offices and furniture, equipment, electrical work, lighting improvement, communication, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, as well as the implementation of sewage and water pipes plus medical gas systems. The work increased the hospital and outpatient clinic capacities, improved the level of services provided to patients, reduced waiting lists, and focused on treating children with various cancers, in addition to expanding free services.