TBHF Clinic: Provision of Healthcare in Zaatari Camp

Constructed after a donation from The Big Heart Foundation, the clinic provides health services 24 hours, seven days a week. The clinic is equipped with general practioners, nurses, referral officers, and internists, which provide consultations and treatment to patients.
Ensuring sufficient healthcare is available for refugees living in Zaatari Camp is of critical importance to their health status and to the general welfare of camp residents. To this end, TBHF, in collaboration with UNHCR & the Jordan Health Aid Society (JHAS), provides comprehensive primary, mental, and reproductive healthcare services to camp residents on a 24-hour basis.

Partner: UNHCR
Beneficiaries: 57,312
Budget: AED 4,998,150 – $ 1,360,800
Year: 2015/ 2016
Field: Jordan