The Establishment of a Learning Center that Provides Education and Vocational Training to Vulnerable Children and Youth Residences Inside the UAE

Partner: Rawafed Learning Center
Geographic location: Sharjah – UAE
Budget: AED 2,172, 300 – USD 591,376
Beneficiaries: 300 students per year
Timeframe: July 2019 – July 2022

This center was established to address the issue of illiterate youth who resides in the UAE with no access to education due to reasons related to poor standards of living and poverty; this involves very young children to teenagers who face a bleak future. Children from Syria largely struggle due to missing years of education as a result of the war and require remedial (catch up) courses and assistance with accessing the formal education sector in the UAE. Comoros and stateless children largely drop out or fail to join the education system due to poverty and poor standards of living. Remedial and integration courses assist in preparing them to access formal education opportunities.