The COVID-19 pandemic has garnered unprecedented reactions from societies around the world. As many families and businesses continue to struggle through these tough times, communities continue to come together to show solidarity, unity, and endless giving to support those who are most vulnerable and in need. 2021 will mark the transition to a new world where our behaviors, actions, and plans will need to adjust. Existing humanitarian response plans that we formulated prior to the COVID-19 outbreak must be revised, adapted and re-prioritized to address the additional needs the pandemic has caused and will cause in the near future, both health-and non-health-related. Our objective is to lessen the gap during and beyond this transitional phase. In adjusting our plans, we decided to focus our upcoming campaign and projects on 4 sectors that were all heavily impacted by the pandemic. The sectors are:

  • Education
  • Livelihoods
  • Healthcare
  • Protection

For each of the sectors, we have collaborated with multiple partners in the MENA region across local, international, and UN agency levels to develop evidence and research-based strategies to guide our projects selection and grantmaking. As part of the process, we have looked at new interventions, projects, or programs that need to be supported or developed to allow for a return to normalcy in the region. For example, COVID vaccines are urgently needed to support the healthcare system in Palestine, teachers need to be trained to allow for distance learning amongst refugee communities in Jordan, and new jobs need to be created to reduce the high youth unemployment figures that the pandemic has caused in Lebanon. For each of the sectors, our focus is on supporting the most vulnerable and the least likely to have access to services and support.

General Donations for the Programme

Support All Sectors: Donate to support all sectors of the Programme. Your contribution will be allocated to high priority interventions supporting those who need it the most.


Donate to support us in ensuring that children left behind with no access to remote learning are provided with education opportunities.


Donate to support in providing employment opportunities to youth who are at most risk of falling into extreme poverty.


Donate to support in vaccine distribution in marginalized and underserved settings.


Donate to support in protecting vulnerable refugee communities affected by COVID through shelter and mental health services.