Mariam Al Hammadi, Director of The Big Heart Foundation World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day goes beyond being an annual reminder of our charitable nature or a tribute to the selfless individuals working to alleviate the suffering of crisis-affected innocents. Humanitarian philosophies truly triumph when they transform into a vibrant culture practised every day. Today, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to humanitarian work, regardless of the circumstances or challenges we face. It is a day to honour those who have fearlessly risked their lives to offer unwavering assistance without any hesitation.

The legacy of humanitarian work is rich with the journeys and invaluable contributions of unsung heroes who’ve tirelessly strived to connect vulnerable individuals with their basic human rights to safety, security, and dignity, regardless of their existential circumstances. Regardless of situations, these basic rights cannot be compromised for any individual anywhere in the world.

This year’s theme for World Humanitarian Day, #NoMatterWhat, inspires us to join the ranks of brave heroes from the past, present, and future who have and will always work for the betterment of humanity. We are truly grateful for their dedication and sacrifices, brightening the lives of those struggling in difficult times. We also take pride in the unwavering efforts of The Big Heart Foundation’s team, our partners, sponsors and generous individuals in the UAE and beyond whose big hearts are making the world a better place for several families, women and children who face unimaginable hardship, all driven by the spirit of “No Matter What.”