Solidarity: Noble Human Values Still Stand Strong

Her Excellency Mariam Al Hammadi, the Director-General of The Big Heart Foundation, stated on the occasion of International Human Solidarity Day: “In 2005, the United Nations General Assembly adopted December 20th of each year as a global day for humanitarian solidarity, emphasising the connection between achieving sustainable development goals and the interdependence among people of different nationalities, races, and beliefs. Development cannot be achieved without solidarity.

Al Hammadi added that what we witness annually on this day from humanitarian organisations and individuals, and various segments of society confirms that noble human values are still intact. Solidarity is a feeling that unites people across different countries worldwide. However, we still need more initiatives, humanitarian efforts, and more generosity and solidarity to make a real difference in the lives of children, families, and vulnerable communities facing challenging circumstances.

The Director General of The Big Heart Foundation continued, stating that the challenges and circumstances the world is currently facing require integrated efforts and more initiatives that enhance cooperation and humanitarian solidarity. Humanitarian solidarity cannot be achieved unilaterally; it is a joint effort between all parties, including governments and individuals. Every individual can contribute to bringing about change and participating in achieving sustainable development goals to provide a safe and dignified life for the entire world.