TBHF documentary ‘The Neighbourhood Storyteller’ premieres on PBS America member Stations on International Day of the Girl Child

On the International Day of the Girl Child, The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF) is announcing the premiere of its debut documentary “The Neighbourhood Storyteller” on PBS member stations. PBS and its member stations are America’s largest classroom, the nation’s largest stage for the arts and a trusted window to the world of science, history, current affairs, culture, and more. In addition, PBS’s educational media helps prepare children for success in school and opens the world to them in an age-appropriate way. This collaboration with PBS America and its member stations underscores TBHF’s commitment to its overarching humanitarian mission, aiming to extend its positive influence on a broader audience of vulnerable girls and women in different communities and inspire them to initiate transformative change in their lives.

Marking the international occasion, the award-winning debut documentary continues crossing several big milestones in its ongoing journey of creating global awareness about human resilience in the face of life’s greatest challenges, spotlighting the remarkable strength of girls and women in transforming adversity into opportunities of growth.

From screen to book: My Mama’s Magic published by Austin Macauley

In a strategic move to amplify the reach and influence of the documentary, TBHF has also forged a strategic partnership with Jordan’s We Love Reading organisation and one of the UK’s leading publishers, Austin Macauley, to adapt the film’s compelling narrative into a captivating children’s book titled My Mama’s Magic.

A literary celebration of the documentary’s moving narrative, this collaboration aims to take its important messages further to resonate with an even wider audience through the written word.

Published in English and Arabic, the book is available on Amazon.ae (UAE & GCC) Amazon.in (India) Amazon.ca (Canada) Amazon.com (international) Barnes & Noble  (international) Blackwell’s (international) Walmart (international) Booktopia (Australia)  Bol.com (international) Booksamillion.com (international) Strand Books (international), and on Austin Macauley’s official UAE & GCC website.

52 official film festival selections in 25 nations & prestigious awards  

“The Neighbourhood Storyteller” created in partnership with the impact film production organization HOME Storytellers has secured 52 official selections at various prestigious film festivals across 25 countries and received 24 nominations and 11 awards since its release. After receiving prestigious accolades at leading film festivals in Telluride, Toronto, Amsterdam, The Hague, and others, the documentary film has more recently won the ‘Tom Lantos Best Human Rights Award’ at the 2023 Women’s Voices Now Film Festival; the ‘Best International Feature Documentary’ at the Docuworld Film Festival, ‘Special Jury Mention’ at Beirut International Women Film Festival while also receiving honourable mentions at Dubai and Fox International film festivals.

Empowering change globally: The Neighborhood Storyteller’s impact campaign

Led by ‘HOME Storytellers’, the documentary has spearheaded an impact campaign, connecting global audiences with Asmaa’s inspiring narrative, and has forged partnerships with organisations worldwide dedicated to addressing key issues highlighted in the film. These include gender equality, human rights, social justice, refugees, mental health, education, and literacy.

The impact goals of the campaign are threefold: first, to use the film as a catalyst for inspiration in women and girls, especially those in vulnerable situations, with a target reach of 1 million women and girls globally to follow Asmaa’s example and unleash their full potential. Second, to inspire dialogue among leaders and decision-makers on best practices for empowering women and girls, aiming for 100+ screening events and 5,000+ viewers. Third, to raise awareness about grassroots social change driven by empowering women and girls in vulnerable situations, achieved through global digital and TV releases to the general public.

Mariam Al Hammadi: Proud of the project’s impact
Mariam Al Hammadi, Director of TBHF stated: “The journey of “The Neighbourhood Storyteller” in raising awareness, touching millions of lives and inspiring change has been simply incredible. The outreach and impact of this project, since its inception, testifies to the power of collaboration amongst like-minded individuals and entities. Through TBHF’s successful partnerships with the makers of the documentary feature film, followed by our collaborations with film festival organisers, nonprofits, foundations, conferences, companies, and now joining forces with PBS America to screen the film on their member stations, in addition to the book deal we signed in partnership with Austin Macauley publishers – have all widened and intensified the impact of this project to an extent that signals a big milestone for TBHF”.

“Humanitarian causes always require united and collective actions to achieve their intended goals and impact. TBHF has always stressed on the importance of forging partnerships with stakeholders in a diversity of sectors to strengthen the steps we take towards fulfilling our mission. We are incredibly proud to see that Asmaa’s story is reaching millions worldwide, and are excited that My Mama’s Magic will be in the hands of little children to read too. The message of doing good can be spread through many different vehicles, and this project is living proof”, she added.