The Big Heart Foundation Answers Call for Emergency Aid to Residents of Gaza

TBHF commits USD 227,000 towards healthcare, food and clothing projects

For immediate release
Sharjah, June, 2018

Following recent escalations of violence in Gaza, movement restrictions and disruptions in aid delivery mean that many communities are now more vulnerable than ever. The Sharjah-based global humanitarian charity,The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF), has answered the call for emergency aid and strengthened its operations and alliances with some of the world’s leading relief agencies to provide essential supplies and services in Gaza, offering USD 227,000 in support.

With 72% of residents in Gaza lacking reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food, TBHF has placed food security as one of the priority areas for its Palestinian Children Fund In collaboration with the World Food Program, TBHF donated USD 100,000 to provide electronic food vouchers to 2,800 residents in 24 special caring institutions, mainly housing orphans and children with disabilities.

In response to the recent and ongoing escalation of conflict in the Gaza Strip, TBHF is also financing emergency medical staff for the next six months, working with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East(UNRWA).

According to UNRWA, increasing pressure on hospitals has led to many patients being discharged early to allow for the admission of new patients, particularly those with injuries caused by live ammunition to the lower limbs. In response, TBHF has pledged USD 100,000 to supply 26 nurses and 10 medical officers to provide care to the released patients and prepare for the many amputees that will require long-term assistance as well as support with mental health and psychological care.

Working with the Welfare Association, the Humanitarian and Development Projects for Palestinians, TBHF also contributed more than USD 27,000 to the Kiswa for Eid initiative, which provided Eid clothes to 500 poor and orphaned children aged 2-14 years. With more than 80% of the Gaza population living below the poverty line and dependent on aid, new clothes can often be low on the list of the residents’ priorities.

Mariam Al Hammadi, Director of TBHF, said: “The situation in Gaza is moving from crisis to critical and we must all play a part in helping to alleviate such bitter conditions in such desperate times. The Big Heart Foundation is dedicated to helping refugees and people in need worldwide and through these collaborations we can answer the calls for emergency aid in Gaza.

“The crucial elements of healthcare, food and shelter are not luxuries, they are basic human rights and the people of Gaza are being denied access to those rights. The increasing violence and disruption of infrastructure means there is a constant need for support and we will make every effort to fulfill that need through our own efforts and the generosity of the people who share our goals.”

The Big Heart Foundation was founded in May 2015, following a number of initiatives and campaigns launched by Sheikha Jawaher. The Foundation’s vision is to protect the poor, vulnerable and needy, and provide decent, dignified lives. In order to achieve its goals. the foundation currently oversees five funds: Peacefor Children,a campaign to support Palestinian children, The Refugee Fund, The Middle East and North Africa Fund.