The Big Heart Foundation teaches the youth basics of humanitarian photography

At a workshop organised at the Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth (SIFF) 2019

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Sharjah, October, 2019

The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF), a Sharjah-based global humanitarian organisation dedicated to helping people in need worldwide, held a workshop for the youth themed ‘Humanitarian Photography’, given the importance of photography in documenting and advocating humanitarian efforts.

The workshop was part of TBHF’s participation in the seventh edition of the Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth (SIFF), which runs until October 18 at the Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Centre (JRCC) in Sharjah.

Conducted by volunteer photographer Mariam Al Qaidi, the workshop discussed the fundamentals of humanitarian photography, including tips for capturing images or shoot footage which will effectively bring the stories of refugees, marginalised and less fortunate people to the world. She also emphasised that a crucial aspect of humanitarian photography is to respect the privacy and special circumstances of the people in the camera’s frame, and it can be shown by not taking advantage of their circumstances and the hardships to gain fame.

Mariam Al Qaidi, said: “Humanitarian photography requires many skills such as technique, communication, precision, professionalism and creativity. The photo must be able to communicate a meaningful message as well as raise the audience’s awareness, inspiring them to help less fortunate people and the victims of wars and natural disasters.”

She also stressed that it was essential not to over-edit the images on photo editing software to sustain the credibility of the story behind the captures. Al Qaidi pointed out that the exaggerated editing of photos could weaken its power, message and impact on the audience.