Sharjah Declaration For Youth Empowerment

The Sharjah Declaration For Youth Empoerment Calls on Member States to:

1. Put the acquisition of life skills at the center of Youth Policy Decision-making to prepare children and youth to LEAP into the Future: ready to Learn, engage in Employment, be Active Citizen and in control of their own Personal growth and empowerment.

2. Promote policies that foster an enabling environment and recognize the important role of young women as agents of economic stabilization and growth.

3. Mainstream gender in all plans, policies and programmes which are aimed at empowering, protecting and supporting youth

4. Utilize existing endeavors towards education reforms, and the changing demographics as a window of opportunity to translate investment in human capital into further development and economic growth.

5. Coordinate efforts of Governments, UN Agencies, NGOs, academics, and the private sector to transform education and promote open systems that enable flexible learning opportunities beyond schooling

6. Note that youth entrepreneurship is a driving force of socio-economic development. It is an enabler, driver and empowering tool for sustainable development with far-reaching benefits.

7. Act to create conditions which are conducive to youth entrepreneurs. The world’s large and growing youth population can be a powerful and transformative force for a better world – if the right investments and decisions are made now.

8. Ensure that all refugee youth are protected against violence, abuse, and exploitation, and to have access to national systems and services delivered in a protective way, including health and psychosocial support.

9. Have the best interests of refugee youth taken as a primary consideration in all matters affecting their well-being and their future.