Winter Campaign

Winter is the toughest time of the year for many refugee and displaced families. As temperatures drop, the harsh conditions facing millions of families who were forced to flee their homes become even more challenging. Living in tents and makeshift housing, rain, snow, and wind bring a deadly threat for families with no means to stay warm or dry. For the most vulnerable refugees, such as children and the elderly, it will be a struggle to survive this winter.

As part of our Winter Appeal for this year, we have launched ‘A Winter Tale’; an awareness and fundraising campaign that aims to provide refugees with winter items they need over the upcoming months. Through this campaign, TBHF are counting on your support to deliver items such as blankets, stoves and winter clothes to those who desperately require them. Our appeal will focus on refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) in 3 countries: Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. Hosting a combined 2.5 million refugees between them, Lebanon and Jordan also rank 1st and 2nd worldwide in the number of refugees hosted per capita. In Iraq, host of over 1.4 million IDPs along with hundreds of thousands of refugees, millions are in need this winter as large-scale closures of IDP camps across the country continue. With displaced communities in all 3 countries going through exceptional circumstances and experiences this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and facing a harsh winter ahead, it is now more essential than ever to provide life-saving assistance and protect thousands of affected families.

Drop off locations to be confirmed

Contact: Ms. Khairia Al Mazmi for volunteering opportunities

Donate today to help us reach the most vulnerable refugees this winter

Donate sleeping mat

AED 10

Many refugees in displacement camps sleep on the hard, cold ground

Donate a fleece blanket

AED 20

The most essential item on the list. Thermal fleece blankets provide warmth and comfort

Donate winter boots

AED 30

Waterproof winter boots last for years and allow refugees to navigate wet and snowy conditions

Donate a sleeping bag

AED 40

Sleeping bags are life savers for many new arrivals in refugee camps

Donate a jacket

AED 50

Heavy winter coats provide warmth throughout the day to refugees. They are also often used as a second blanket during cold nights

Donate winter stove

AED 100

Stoves serve many purposes during the cold winter: generating heat, cooking meals, and drying clothes

Support a family (average size of 5 persons)

Winter Clothes

AED 200

A collection of winter clothes and footwear that can be shared by a family of 5

Basic Winter Survival Kit

AED 500

Includes a winter clothes kit in addition to blankets, sleeping mats, and a winter stove

Full Winter Survival Kit

AED 1000

Includes the basic winter kit in addition to warm jackets, sleeping bags, and tent insulation kits (full winter kit is provided to refugee and displaced families in harsher settings)

Other Amount

Calculate your zakat

Please note that this is a simplified Zakat Calculator. For every year that you owe Zakat, your due Zakat is 2.5% from the total wealth you had at the end of that year.

SMS Donation / Bank Deposit

Send “winter” via SMS from ETISALAT
7857 to donate AED 10
7858 to donate AED 20
7859 to donate AED 50
7788 to donate AED 100
7789 to donate AED 200
7708 to donate AED 500
7160 to donate AED 1000
Send “winter” via SMS from Du
9965 to donate AED 10
9967 to donate AED 50
9968 to donate AED 100

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